RTO Operational Advice,
Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management

Start Up We provide quotations for the set up of Registered Training Organisations and CRICOS providers from business structure to opening the doors. Our team works across National, State and regulatory bodies.

Growth We can consult and work with your RTO and CRICOS on registration renewal, expansion of scope through new courses or adding new locations. We can consult on moving into government funding or new delivery modes - Classroom, distance, flexible and on line learning modes.

We have experience in a wide range of businesses and the set up of private training companies and colleges with multiple campuses, across states and across countries (overseas operations).

Problem Solving Maintenance of a compliant and well managed RTO should be done regularly and not be seen as an imposition on your business. But it is complex and time consuming. We can provide confidential advice on the interpretation of audit reports and problem solving in a number of jurisdictions, against the new (SNR) Standards for ASQA registered RTO's, the AQTF and National Code and ESOS legislation. We can work with clients on annual self-assessment and risk management and produce reports for critical deadlines. We help you respond professionally to requests from regulatory bodies in ways that suit the size and scale of your RTO operations. This is an area of strength for our team of confidential consultants.

Quality and Continuous Improvement Quality management looks different across businesses and industries. In education it's about performance against business goals, building an excellent reputation for courses, good marketing and great, consistent customer service through a well managed operations. Our services include advice, workshops and project work with management and your staff in any of these areas.

Audits and Risk Analysis We can undertake internal audits, build continuous improvement documentation and support or train staff in systematic reviews, risk analysis and performance monitoring of your RTO.

RTO Qualifications and Accredited Courses

Additions or Variations to Scope of Registration to meet SNR, AQTF and CRICOS standards. Plus implementation support and advice.

Training Packages and Accredited Courses. Research, negotiation, purchasing, licensing, implementation. Our team has experience in a wide range of industry areas and Training Packages.

Accreditation - from Courses up to Associate Degrees Building the case for accreditation, the curriculum writing and assistance with project management. We work with you and your staff as a team. Familiarity with the various guidelines and AQF handbooks will save time and possible rejections down the track as you submit according to processes set up by the Regulator.

New Apprenticeships and Traineeships. Set up advice, submission of tenders, approved provider lists, administration maintenance and improvements in traineeships conducted within an RTO, through Group Training and/or RTO partnerships in corporate environments, support documents and resources for Traineeships

Customised Learning and Assessment Resources

Course delivery and assessment are particular interests of our team. We have written commercial resources used by many RTO's across Australia. See our BSB07 and TAE10 materials.

But, most of our resource development work is inside your RTO, coaching managers and trainers in documentation from strategy with effective industry input through to assessment tools.

Our experience, use of models and templates turns your request into workable solutions.

Support documents and resources for learning and development include :

  • LAS policy
  • Delivery and assessment strategy (LAS) documents
  • Implementation plans (modules, hours, mixed delivery modes)
  • Search and find the "best fit" in commercial training resources and/or
  • Licensing and customisation of materials
  • Conversion and upgrade of existing in-house training including alignment against units of competency
  • Workplace coaching resources using internal documents, workflow and standard operation procedures

Assessment system documentation and resources

Support documents and resources in assessment include:

  • Assessment policy
  • Search and find the "best fit" commercial assessment resources or
  • Licensing and customisation of materials
  • Preparing resources and tools for "fast tracking" assessment only pathways
  • Conversions and upgrade of existing in-house training to alignment against units of competency that adds in assessment
  • Workplace coaching and assessment templates

Assessment Validation RTO's are required to have annual assessment validation processes happening across the academic program. It is part of your quality management and continuous improvement. There are cost effective ways of doing this using templates and practical communications that involve staff, trainers and assessors. Talk to us about the various methods using technology and your own staff to get this happening as an integral part of the program.

VET Trainer and Assessor Qualifications

We regularly conduct training, assessment and recognition processes for trainers and assessors in all sorts of roles. We can package modules, offer upgrades and bridging courses and the full qualification organised through your own RTO or a partner RTO in :

  • TAA"upgrade" to TAE course
  • The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE40110) and
  • We have "tried and true" RPL processes by phone and email that are low cost and very efficient.

Marketing and Operations

Marketing Our team includes people with expertise in writing content and building RTO and CRICOS websites. We can supply text or work with your marketing people to check content for SNR, AQTF and CRICOS compliance. We can build complete websites and register domain names including "edu".

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