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Robyn Maher (Managing Director)

The name says it all really. We are a group of experienced consultants who work with and support registered training organisations. (RTO's and CRICOS)

A Team Approach

This experienced team have all worked in RTO's, CRICOS Colleges and Universities. We can help in many practical ways and offer professional, confidential advice built from many years of experience in the VET industry.

We do not work alone. We work as a team if needed on urgent deadlines, complex and large projects. We have depth, experience and a professional approach. RTOhelp has good relationships with regulatory bodies built up over the years and hundreds of RTO projects.

RTOhelp has been in VET consultancy fulltime since 2000. We have experienced incredible industry growth, constant regulatory shifts, dramatic government policy adjustments, incremental technology developments and seen good and bad practice in VET across the country.

National VET Regulator - ASQA

From 1 July 2011, the industry has entered a new phase that needs particularly good change management and communication processes. The National VET Regulation Act 2011 to be implemented through the new NVR - the Australian Quality Skills Authority (ASQA) will drive some of the biggest changes we have seen for many years. Click here for more ASQA information.

If RTOhelp can strengthen your business and improve the quality of your services, please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you. Click here for more on our Consulting Services.

When you contact RTOhelp, we will ask you what is needed and how we can help. This initial call or email will clarify what you require and if we can assist your organisation.

Our services are in four areas. We will ask questions to understand your needs such as :

Start up - when you want to register a new RTO there are many questions to get the ball rolling.

Growth - when an existing RTO wants to expand - add qualifications, increase numbers, deliver interstate or overseas or move into a new form of delivery. We discuss your plans and give a quotation or advice.

Trouble-shooting - when an existing RTO,CRICOS provider has compliance or other regulatory issues that must be addressed. Usually by a set deadline. Careful and confidential advice and support can be provided by our team.

Continuous Improvement - we advise and support your RTO through internal audits, transition management plans, action plans and regular or occasional meetings with CEO's or senior staff. Our team works across many RTO's and VET networks and can discuss issues in your business, industry trends and risk management.

How we communicate with clients

  • Meet face to face

  • Email communication

  • Talk by phone or by Skype conference

  • Shared documents using "cloud technology"

  • How we charge for our time and services

    There are a number of ways that RTOhelp can structure assistance :

    Advice Hourly fee
    On an hourly basis - This suits people who know what they want and how to proceed but need to check their plans and clarify technical or compliance questions. Confidential advice is only a phone call or skype call away. As consultants we regularly communicate with with the various bureaucracies, a task that can be daunting for others.
    Phone and Email Support Hourly fee
     Much of our work is done by phone and email. There are times when we just have to get our heads down and work through your documentation and we get on with it in our excellent office looking over the Pacific Ocean. We can provide to do lists, planning tools, templates and so on.
    Remote support
    Using Skype conferencing and "cloud technology" servers
     We are enthusiastic adopters of teleconferencing and cloud technology. Our team in based in Sydney but we support RTO's across greater Sydney, NSW and Australia keeping costs and travel to a minimum. We use this technology to work as a team. Clients also provide us with log-in to their systems and we work on your RTO documents remotely. We may be working hourly or on a quoted project. But our clients can see the progress in the shared folders and communication logs.
    Payment plan
     For most projects, we provide a quotation and payment plan. We develop a project management schedule breaking up the tasks into roles including tasks for your staff. We work to project milestones such as submission dates, audit rectification dates, "opening" dates for new RTO's. Our quotes for larger projects include seeing the project through to completion. Our track record is outstanding.

    Yours sincerely,

    Robyn Maher

    M.Ed (Adult Education)
    Diploma of Training and Assessment Systems (BSZ50198)
    Certificate IV In Training and Assessment (TAA40104)
    Lead Auditor from Diploma ofÊ Quality Auditing(BSB51607)
    BA. Dip.Ed (Communications)
    Robyn is an experienced Quality Consultant
    and Auditor. Our company can advise your RTO
    on moving to the new national regulator.
    To find out more about ASQA click here

    Client List
    Training companies, private and public funded colleges, peak bodies,
    business, corporate and government. Australian and overseas operations.

    Australian College of English (ACL)
    AEMS Training
    Arrow Training Services
    Australian Academy of Dramatic Art (AADA)
    Australian Careers and Business College (ACBC)
    Australian College of Management and Training (ACMT)
    Australasian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT)
    Australian College QED
    Australian Institute of Further Education (AIFE)
    Australian Institute of Management (AIM)
    Australian Institute of Professional Education (AIPE)
    Australian Institute of Health Education (AIHE)
    Australian Institute of Export
    Australian Pacific College (APC)
    Bedford College
    Belmont 16 Foot Sailing Club
    Booroongen Djugun College
    Blended Learning International
    Cambridge International College
    Capable Training
    Central Coast Community College
    Club Sail
    Coastal College
    Comet Training
    Complete Fire Services Pty Ltd
    Cre8 Australia
    Department of Environment and Conservation NSW
    Easy HR
    Eco Logical Australia
    Em Four
    Environment Protection Authority
    Mask Academy of Hair and Beauty
    Fletcher International Exports
    Forking Essentials
    Fork Skill Operations
    Management Consultancy International
    Major Training Services
    Mercury College
    Nature's Care Health Science College
    North East Region Training Association (Morley Training)
    Raffles LaSalle Institute
    SAE Technology College
    SAI Global (Standards Australia)
    Skillnet Australia
    Southern Cross Training
    Sydney Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT)
    Training And Education Management (TEAMS)
    University Preparation College UPC
    Wave Learning
    WEA Hunter
    WEA Sydney
    Wesley Vocational Institute
    Zenith Business College

    RTOhelp is a

    The Australian Council for Private Education and Training ACPET
    Vocational and Training Industry Group VETIG
    Australian Institute of Training and Development AITD
    Velg Training Pty Ltd VELG

    RTOhelp Pty Ltd ABN: 91 120 303 755      Phone 02 9918 9271      Mobile 0403 070 864      Skype: robynrtohelp

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